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Types of Roofs You Might Not Know About

Types of Roofs You Might Not Know About

As your provider of commercial roofing in Dallas, Texas, Arrowwood Roofing L.L.C. believes that when choosing a roofing style, one must first consider the visual impression. While aesthetics do matter, so does utility, durability, and strength.

If you have ever wondered what the value of a reliable roof is to your building, then check out this list by our roofing specialist:

  • Gable roof – easy to build, sheds water well, facilitates ventilation, and can be applied to most house designs
  • Hip – difficult to build. It does not provide for ventilation and performs better in high wind areas
  • Dutch – easier access the lower portion of the roof with the added benefits of natural light and extra space
  • Mansard roof – difficult to build than the hip or gable roof. It allows more room on the inside and creates extra space.
  • Flat roof – low-sloped roofs that appear flat but have a small bit of a slope for the run-off water.
  • Shed roof – similar to a flat roof but has more pitch. Frequently used for additions or with other roof styles.
  • Butterfly roof – aesthetically unique and very modern design. It provides plenty of light and ventilation, but, drainage is a problem.
  • Gambrel roof – used extensively on barns. It provides additional headroom in the attic
  • Dormer roof – an addition to an existent roof; creates usable space out of the roof which adds natural light and headroom.
  • M Shaped – a double gable roof with two sloped sides that meet in the middle. Both have similar slopes on each side.

Our roofing company can help you choose the right roof for your building!

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